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Philippines :: Subic Bay : USS New York

Built in 1891, the ship served in the Philippine-American war, the Chinese revolution and WW1. She was decommissioned in 1931 and stayed in Subic Bay for the next ten years until scuppered by US forces to prevent the massive 17-inch guns from falling into Japanese hands.

She lies on her port side in 27m of water, with the topmost parts at 20m. The wreck is pretty much intact, although there is damage to the starboard side, particularly the mess and gun decks. Five decks are of interest.

The main deck at the top contains two sets of turret-guns, both of which are still intact. The bridge has been lost. One deck down is the gun deck. Access is easy through many gun ports. Next is the berth deck - accommodation, mess and officers' quarters. Two hatchways to the stern are easy to penetrate. As all wooden bulkheads are missing, movement through this level is easy. Below this are the stores, magazines and coal bukers. Access here is easiest through grills under the aft gun turrets on the gun deck.

All the above decks are 6 ft in height. The final, lowest deck is the engine room which is 20ft high. Access is difficult and it is still largely unexplored. All four engines are confirmed to be still in place. Saftey margins here are extremely low.

The wreck is home to barracuda, lionfishes, spotted sweetlips, groupers, lobsters and spotted rays. Photography is excellent.

NOTE: Diving this wreck is dangerous and a number of divers have been lost. Experience is essential.


Depth: up to 27m

Viz: average 15m

Currents: virtually none

Getting there : 2.5 hours from Manila

Best months: Nov-May.

USS New York

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