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Philippines :: Coron Bay : Cathedral Cave

Although renowned throughout the world for its wreck diving, Coron Bay also has some spectacular and unusual sites that do not feature old ships. One such is Cathedral Cave.

The cave is situated on the south end of Coron Island on the east side. It is directly connected to the sea. It starts at a depth of 6m through a man-sized tunnel in the sheer rock face of the island itself. As you pass through the tunnel and descend to 12m, look out for lobsters and cowrie shells.

After a short swim, you will see a shaft of daylight penetrating from a fissure higher up the outside rock face. This illuminates the cave. A fullsized tree has fallen onto a sand mound in the middle of the cave. Once you cross this mound, pass ahead and slightly left to discover another passage that leads to a chamber with an air pocket just above sea level.

Pass back through the tunnels to open sea and admire the colourful corals in 20-30 m visability. This is a "must do" dive.

NOTE: the dive should only be attempted when the sea is calm or the waves slight. It is extremely dangerous to attempt to enter the opening tunnel in the surge from large waves.


Depth: 6-12m

Viz: 20-30m

Currents: can be strong

Getting there : 20 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.

Cathedral Cave