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Philippines :: La Union : 14 Mile Reef

The reef is found 14 miles from somewhere - no-one's quite sure where - but most likely San Fernando harbour. This is a tremendous site and should not be missed.

The corals are incredible and the variety of large fish life is breathtaking. You can expect to encounter whitetip and blacktip sharks, hammerheads, marlin, groupers and tuna. Shell life is also profuse.

It should be noted that this dive is for the experienced only due to the depths and currents and an experienced guide is a must. Fortunately the distance from shore and depths have put off the dynamiters and this reef remains mostly in pristine condition.


Depth: 25m+

Viz: 20-50m

Currents: can be very strong

Getting there : 40 kms from shore

Best months: Nov-May.


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