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Philippines :: Boracay : Balabag

Situated on the west coast of Boracay, this area offers some superb diving. Probably the most famous site is Friday's Rock. Close to the shore and at a depth of 18m, this boulder houses a wide variety of fish life including wrasses, tangs, damselfishes, emperors, stingrays and scorpionfish. There is a well-known fish feeding station here which allows close contact with the marine life and excellent opportunities for photography.

Slightly to the north are two walls named Punta Bonga 1&2. The shallower of these drops to 24m and you can expect to see a good variety of soft coral as well as triggerfish, groupers, moray eels and lionfish. The deeper wall starts at 30m and descends to 50m. Gorgonians are prolific and you have every chance of encountering stingrays, tuna, barracuda and sharks.

Other sites in this area include Angol Point which is particularly suitable for beginners, snorkelling and photography and Camia which is a 30m long cargo boat, sunk in 2001 and now developing into a good artificial reef.


Depth: 7-50m

Viz: up to 20m

Currents: moderate

Getting there : 15 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.


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