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Philippines :: Cebu : Moalboal

A couple of hours drive southwest of Cebu city will deliver you to Moalboal and some truely spectacular diving. There are numerous sites around the immediate area and others slightly further off the coast.

Around the main resort area of Pangasama, from Ronda Bay to Tuble Reef are a number of sites that offer divers the opportunity to view a good variety of coral life. Fan corals and gorgonians are everywhere as are sponges, crinoids and shells. Reef fish are in abundance, including sweetlips, tangs, gobies and lionfish. Many scuba courses are offered in the vicinity due to relatively shallow depths, moderate currents, decent visability and abundant marine life.

At the south end of this beach is Tongo Point. Dives are deeper here - reaching 30m and so is ideal for both beginners and the more experienced alike. The area benefits from numerous caves and crevices that house a good variety of reef fish and the occasional shark. The site is ideal for photography.

Further south, about a 45 min boat ride away, is Lambug. This underwater mountain is 27m deep at its peak and a tremendous site to encounter large pelagics including shark, barracuda, tuna, manta rays and groupers.

But perhaps the highlight of the area is Pescador Island, situated about 2km off the coast. It is a tiny island that you can get around in one shallow dive and offers the most diverse marine life of any site in Moalboal. There are superb drop-offs and overhangs all around. Effectively, the whole circumference is a wall dive. In the shallower areas coral formations are impressive and colourful. Further down, between 20-30m, soft coral is prolific. Look out for the Cathedral, a funnel shaped structure at 25m. When the sunlight hits this area, it is spectacular. Fishlife includes snappers, groupers, lionfish and scorpionfish everywhere. At deeper depths you may encounter whitetip and hammerhead sharks. Very occasionally, tiger and thresher sharks also make an appearance. The island is also a fabulous night dive.


Depth: 5-30m

Viz: 15m

Currents: moderate to strong

Getting there : 2 hrs by road from Cebu City

Best months: Nov-May.