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Philippines :: Subic Bay : El Capitan

This is a really good shallow dive. The ship was a freighter of nearly 3,000 tonnes and is 130m long. She crashed at Ilanin Bay where she came to rest on a sloping bottom. The wreck is 5-18m deep and is easily accessable with good swim-throughs. The hull has seen better days and has collapsed in places, the superstructure has disappeared with 2cm of ash and sand from the Mt. Pinatubo eruption covering the hull.

But this is more than compensated for by the incredible abundance of marine life and an easy swim-through amid shafts of light that beam down through the holes on the sides. A wide variety of tropical fish can be seen, including glass eyes, tangs, wrasses, gobies, spotted sweetlips, lobsters, crabs and clownfish.


Depth: 5-18m

Viz: up to 15m

Currents: none

Getting there : 5 mins by boat

Best months: Nov-May.


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