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Philippines :: Boracay : Crocodile Island

Situated on the southern tip of Boracay, this island resembles the above reptile when viewed from a distance, hence the name. Currents can be strong in this channel between Boracay and Panay Islands, so care should be taken and the area is not for novices. The diving, however, is spectacular and you are likely to come across pretty much anything.

The wall at Crocodile Island slopes gently from 5-24m and the currents allow a wide variety corals to survive. Fish life is diverse and includes wrasses, sweetlips, groupers, snappers and banded sea snakes.

There are two other sites worthy of mention in the vicinity. Laurel Islands 1&2, which offer gently sloping walls with a good variety of coral and diverse fish life. The larger of the islands has an 8m swim-through that is worth exploring. Again, currents can be very strong here. Channel Drift, as its name suggests, offers some great drift dives through canyons and crevices where you can encounter whitetip sharks and trevallies.


Depth: 5-24m

Viz: up to 20m

Currents: strong to fierce

Getting there : 15 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.



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