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Philippines :: Bohol : Panglao Island

Connected by a bridge to the mainland, Panglao is the easiest area to visit for diving. Trips to the other islands can be arranged from here as well. Diving is well established and there is a good variety of sites to suit all tastes. The main ones are outlined below.

There are three sites worthy of mention to the south of the island, namely Alona Beach Sanctuary, Kalipayan and Bohol Beach Club. All are within 15 min of the shore. Depths at all three reach 25m with sandy areas in places. Corals are in good condition, supporting a variety of marine life, including scorpionfish, lionfish, batfish, moray eels and sea snakes. Most small reef fish can be seen around here. Alona is particularly good for night diving.

On the northwest tip are Doljo Beach, Napaling and Puntod. All are some 30-40 min from Alona Beach. It is deeper here and currents can get strong, so it's best to have a guide. This area is noted for its steep walls and slopes. The gorgonians are impressive and there is a multitude of small marine life. The occasional shark ventures into the deeper areas and morays, sea snakes, barracuda and jacks are common.


Depth: 5-35m

Viz: 15m+

Currents: mild to strong

Getting there : 5-40 min to the sites by boat from Alona

Best months: Nov-May.



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