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Philippines :: Mactan : Marigondon Reef

On the east coast of the island, this reef has a wall at a depth of between 12 to 45m that is covered in sponges, soft corals and gorgonians. Smaller reef fish are here in abundance as well as a large colony of garden eels. Currents can get strong, so this is quite often a drift dive.

Slightly north is Marigondon Cave. The entrance is at 26m and the cave is 45m long. At the entrance, you will see sponges, corals, lionfish and soldierfish. At the end there is a grotto that is home to many flashlight fish. These critters have become accustomed to the dark and have luminescent patches under each eye. If you switch your flashlight off, you'll be rewarded with the sight of countless eyes winking back at you.

Pang Pang is another wall dive where you can be rewarded with the sight of manta rays and reputedly, the occasional whale shark. Again, moving slightly further north, are the soft corals of Mar y Cielo.


Depth: 18-30m

Viz: up to 25m

Currents: moderate to strong

Getting there : 15 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.

Oryoku Maru


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