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Philippines :: Coron Bay : Barracuda Lake

This is another unusual and interesting dive. Firstly, you will have to climb up a limestone mountain in full gear for 15-20 minutes until you arrive at the lake. Then there's a 33m dive to a cave with 30m of penetration. The cave is situated on the north wall of the lake and so named for its resident barracuda who may deign to show you around. The opportunities for photography at this point are excellent.

Water temperatures vary from 30-38 degrees Celsius, so prepare to "boil" for a while. The variation in temperature is so large that you can see the thermoclines. The cave is marked with a fixed line on the right side as you enter and it is just big enough for one diver at a time to go in and turn around. The cave is dark and there's a lot of sediment, so light with backup and an alternative air source are essential. This is a site not to be missed.

NOTE: this is a very deep and serious cave, so it is essential that you plan ahead and are well prepared with equipment. It is not advisable to descend below 40m.

Depth: 33-40m+

Viz: dark and murky

Currents: weak

Getting there : 15-20 min climb

Best months: year round