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Philippines :: Tubbataha Reef : South Islet - South Face

The area around here is also known as The Lighthouse due the location of one right on the southern tip. It's worth a trip up it as the views over the whole of The Tubbataha area are impressive.

Diving here is very similar to the north face of the southern islet, but there is a larger area of shallow reef top. Here, there is a profusion of small reef fish, corals, sponges and anemones. Also common are blue-spotted lagoon rays, sea cucumbers and sea stars. Close to the lighthouse itself, turtles are common as they are attracted by the sea grass that grows there.

In common with other areas of Tubbataha Reef, currents can get fierce and unpredictable here, so diving is only possible at certain times.


Depth: 20-70m+

Viz: up to 40m

Currents: can be fierce

Getting there : live-aboard

Best months: Mar-June.



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