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Philippines :: Tubbataha Reef : South Islet - North Face

The sites around this face are normally calm, but currents can become fierce and diving is not advisable during these times. There is a gentle incline from 10-20m to begin, leading to a steep drop-off that is excellent for sport divers.

The area is particularly renowned for Green and Hawksbill turtles that are commonly seen swimming around the edge of the reef or resting. There are plenty of schools of reef fish and larger pelagics including mackerel and barracuda can be seen. Whitetip reef sharks, together with manta and eagle rays occasionally venture into these waters.

Be careful around the area called Black Rock as currents can be strong and unpredictable.


Depth: 10-70m+

Viz: up to 40m

Currents: usually calm, but can be strong in places

Getting there : live-aboard

Best months: Mar-June


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