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Philippines :: Puerto Galera : The Canyons

This is probably the most popular site on Puerto Galera, particularly with technical divers. When currents are strong, marine life is plentiful and varied.

As you drift past The Hole in the Wall at 28m, you enter a series of three bowls. In these, you will find large schools of Sweetlips, snapper and drummer. Emperor angelfish, clown triggerfish and lionfish can be seen as well. Swimming above you are schools of jacks, barracuda and trevally.

Increasingly, there have been sightings of much larger animals including mantas, thresher and hammerhead sharks.

Standing at the end of this site is a coral encrusted anchor, all that remains of a Spanish Galleon. The Canyons is best dived on nitrox to give you more bottom time to take in all the sights. This is truely a world-class dive that should not be missed.


Depth: 28-30m

Viz: 10-30m

Currents: can be strong

Getting there : 15 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.


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