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Philippines :: Coron Bay : Kogyo Maru

This was a Japanese freighter carrying construction materials for the building of a runway in the Pacific. She is 158m long, displaces 6,353 tons and situated to the north of Irako Wreck, just off Tangat Island. The vessel is pretty much intact and as most swim throughs are large, it is a good first wreck dive for beginners. Care, as always, should be taken though.

Lying on her starboard side in 38m of water, access is possible to all six holds, the engine room and the bridge. The second hold is a real treasure trove. Cement bags are evident and you'll come across a bulldozer, tractor and air compressor, all of which are intact and encrusted. As you come out of the hold, you can swim the height of the front mast, now horizontal and reach the crow's nest at the top.

Swim back over the deck to the engine room and bridge above it. Access is easiest from the stern side. The engine room is enormous and there's plenty to see. If your air allows, continue below deck to the stern and you'll discover all the deck equipment for moving cargo and working the ship.

Marine life includes giant pufferfish, waspfish and barracuda. Soft and hard corals are everywhere as are sponges.


Depth: 20-38m

Viz: 5-15m

Currents: weak

Getting there : 15 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.