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Philippines :: Puerto Galera : Medio Island

Just to the west of Mindoro Island and north of Puerto Galera town is Medio Island. There are a number of sites worthy of mention closeby.

Manila Channel
Manila Channel is a good site for beginners. There is a profusion of coral that follows the edge of a shallow drop off. You wiil see many different types of anemones with clownfish, lionfish, sea stars, Christmes Tree Worms and reef fish in abundance.

Coral Gardens
To the north is Coral Gardens. This is also a good site for the beginner and snorkeling is excellent. You'll fine plenty of corals of all varieties with moray eels hiding out in crevices. The occasional, small Whitetip reef shark may be encountered.

Batangas Channel
In between Medio and Mindoro islands on the east coast of Medio is The Batangas Channel. This is a fantastic drift dive when there's a flood. Shoals of jacks, sweetlips, fusiliers and snappers thrive here. You may be lucky enough to meet stingrays and Whitetip and Grey reef sharks.

Sweetlip Cave
Further out to sea is Sweetlip Cave. This is actually a cavern with a tunnel running through it that brings you back to the reef. Sweetlips are always here, hence the name. This is a deep dive - up to 55m - and is for the experienced diver only. The amount and variety of marine life here makes it a spectacular deep dive.


Depth: 10-55m

Viz: 10-30m

Currents: can be strong

Getting there : 5-15 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.

medio island


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