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Philippines :: Bohol : Cabilao Island

Situated off the northwest corner of Bohol, this island can be reached either from Alona or from Mactan Island to the north. On the northwestern tip, off a lighthouse, there are a series of overhangs and coral gardens. The gorgonians, crinoids and soft corals clinging to the rock make this a picturesque dive.

However, most visitors here come to see the schools of hammerhead sharks that inhabit these waters at 40-45m. The best time to see them is between December and June. Currents here are strong and other fish life attrated to the region include wrasses, barracuda, jacks, mackerel, groupers and tuna.

Good drift diving can be found on the southern side of the island. Here, a wall descends to 40m and a wide variety of marine life can be encountered together with sea cucumbers, sea stars and anemones.


Depth: 20-50m

Viz: up to 40m

Currents: can be fierce

Getting there : 2 hours by boat from Mactan Island or Alona

Best months: Nov-May.


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