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Philippines :: Apo Reef : Hunters Rock

This reef lies 20 km off the west coast of Apo Reef. You will need an experienced guide to find the spot, but once there, it's well worth the effort. Currents can be strong, so this site is not for beginners.

The reef is perhaps best known for the numbers of sea snakes that can be found here. During the mating season - June and July - there are literally thousands of them. Despite their fearsome reputation, these snakes are generally more worried of you than you will be of them and stay a safe distance away.

There are masses of corals and sponges here too that are home to schools of tropical fish, including butterflyfishes, snappers and sweetlips. Sharks, big trevallys and other predatory fish are common.

Merope Rock
Closeby and again about 20 kms west of Apo Reef is Merope Rock. It is similar to Hunters Rock and is really only accessable on overnight trips or on the way to Busuanga. An underwater mound reaches up to within 15m of the surface and there is a good wall on the eastern side where you will see big fish, sharks, barracuda and trevally.


Depth: 9m +

Viz: 30 +

Currents: can be strong

Getting there : 1 hour by boat from Pandan Island. Live-aboards 1-5 days.

Best months: Mar-June

banded sea snake


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