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Greenpeace: fishing boats destroying Gulf of Thailand
For the past two weeks, the Esperanza - a vessel operated by Greenpeace to collect information on the health of the oceans - has been patrolling the Gulf of Thailand. And what it's seen is not pretty. (Jun 29, 13)

Cebu Yellow Submarine ordered to halt after damaging reef
The Lapu-Lapu City Government ordered a halt yesterday to the operations of a yellow submarine, one of Cebu's newest tourism attractions, that ferries passengers to view Mactan Channel below the surface. (May 1, 13)

Praying for whale sharks in the Philippines
A tour guide has been praying for the return of four popular whale sharks to a famous southern Luzon tourist destination, where the number of the tourist haven’s main attraction has been dwindling due to climate change and overfishing. (Apr 29, 13)

Philippines voted best diving destination in the region
The Philippines has been named the best diving destination in the Pacific and Indian Oceans together with Malaysia, the Department of Tourism (DOT) said. (Apr 22, 13)

Interview: Miss Scuba Indonesia
Indonesia has some of the best diving spots in the world — just ask Drucella Benala Dyahati, a Miss Scuba Indonesia finalist who received the Miss Photogenic award at the competition. (Apr 21, 13)

Thai dive boat sinks in Similan National Park
A dive boat with 20 people on board sank today in the Similan National Park after being caught in a freak storm about four miles off Koh Ta Chai. (Apr 17, 13)

Chinese vessel runs aground in Tubbataha Reef
A Chinese vessel slammed into the eastern part of the Tubbataha Reef on Monday evening, barely a week after a US Navy minesweeper was removed from the protected coral reef where it also ran aground in January. (Apr 12, 13)

$US1.4 million fine demanded for Tubbataha reef damage
Two Philippine lawmakers say the United States should pay more than a $1.4 million fine for damage done to a world-class reef by a grounded U.S. minesweeper. (Apr 12, 13)

Malaysian divers aim for world record in marine park cleanup
One hundred and forty volunteer local and foreign divers are aiming to create a world record for the longest cleanup of the Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park seabed near here. (Apr 8, 13)

Chinese vendors sell live marine animals as key chains
Vendors in China are selling “keychains” that are actually small, plastic baggies with live turtles or fish sealed inside along with a “nutrient rich” solution meant to keep the critters alive for an extended period of time. (Apr 2, 13)

Tubbataha reef disaster update
Seventy-three days after the USS Guardian ran aground in Tubbataha Reef, salvors finally removed the last section of the minesweeper from the atoll. (Mar 31, 13)

85% of Asia coral reefs at risk
More than 85% of reefs in Asia's "Coral Triangle" are directly threatened by human activities such as coastal development, pollution, and overfishing, a new report warned on Monday. (Jul 11, 12)

Koh Lanta instructor to dive half marathon for tsunami relief
On April 24th an instructor (Kim McMenemy) at Scuba-Fish Koh Lanta, Thailand will be scuba diving a half-marathon (13.1 miles, 21,097.5 meters) in the White Rock Resort's pool in an effort to raise funds for needy causes. (Apr 12, 11)

Thailand's local communities clean up the reef
April 10, Bangsaphan - Local communities from the Prachuabkirikhan and Chumphon provinces on the Gulf of Thailand joined forces to clean up the coral reef before the tourist rush over Thai new year. (Apr 11, 11)

Thailand plans to close top dive sites
The Marine and Coastal Resources Department is pressing ahead with a plan to close 10 popular diving sites in five provinces to limit the impact of tourism on severely damaged coral. (Jan 19, 11)

Thailand's Phi Phi Island coral under threat
Coral reefs around Thailand's famous Phi Phi Islands, situated off the coast of the southern province of Krabi, have been found heavily damaged, following a diving exploration survey on coral reefs in the area, according to Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC). (Nov 30, 10)

Palau announces massive marine sanctuary
Palau declared over the weekend that all of its oceans - more than 600,000 square kilometres - would be a sanctuary for whales, dolphins, dugongs, sharks and other species. (Oct 27, 10)

Underwater patrols in Malaysia target coral thieves
Underwater patrols will be conducted at the 42 marine parks nationwide from January to nab those who damage or collect corals. (Oct 26, 10)

Massive coral mortality following bleaching in Indonesia
The Wildlife Conservation Society today released initial field observations that indicate that a dramatic rise in the surface temperature in Indonesian waters has resulted in a large-scale bleaching event that has devastated coral populations. (Aug 17, 10)

Getting wet in Okinawa
Okinawa might spark memories of its bloody history which still lingers in the minds of WWII veterans but this once forbidden island opened its doors to the rest of the world and now the birthplace of Karate has become the latest hotspot for scuba divers. (Jul 30, 10)

Asian coral reefs suffer mass bleaching
The phenomenon, known as coral bleaching because the reefs turn bone white when the colourful algae that give the coral its colour and food is lost, has been reported throughout south east Asia, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. (Jul 19, 10)

Vietnam's undiscovered dive spots
The enchanting island of Cham, located 9 nautical miles east of the Quang Nam Province, Central Vietnam, is surrounded by shallow waters that are brimming with life as it is located at the mouth of the Hoi An river and is not too far away from deep waters. (Jul 13, 10)

Diving Thailand's sub aqua temples
Pyramids and temples symbolize the superior nature of human kind so it seems funny when a country deliberately tries to submerge one of these structures. (Jun 23, 10)

Asian businessmen urged to protect Coral Triangle
The planet's most diverse marine region is under serious threat and requires urgent protection from companies that can also boost their profits through conservation efforts, officials and environmentalists said. (Jan 20, 10)

Palau makes a splash in 2010
Palau is making a splash in 2010. The string of over 586 islands in the western corner of Micronesia is using its most abundant feature, water, to shape activities for the coming year. Here is a roundup of what visitors can expect. (Jan 7, 10)

Thailand's coral under serious threat
Thailand's splendid diving spots could become a thing of the past as coral reefs, especially in the Gulf of Thailand, have been severely damaged by human activity. (Sep 14, 09)

Record mass dive in Indonesia
Almost 2,500 scuba divers set a new world record Monday, 17 in Indonesia for the largest mass dive, Guinness World Records said. (Aug 18, 09)

Bali's Menjangan Island faces destruction due to fish bombings
The beauty of underwater coral reefs and the ecosystem around Menjangan Island, one of the most popular diving sites in Bali, is on the brink of destruction as the practice of fish bombing carried out by local fishermen is on the rise. (Aug 6, 09)

Puerto Galera Part II: More Sabang for the buck
ADS Feature: One year on, the lure to return to Mindoro Island in the Philippines to sample its sub-aqua delights had been too strong to resist. (June 8, 09)

Indonesia unveils massive marine park
Indonesia has opened Southeast Asia's largest marine park in the Savu Sea, a migration route for almost half the world's whale species and home to vast tracts of rare coral. (May 25, 09)

Illegal fishing destroys coral reefs in Bali
Illegal fishing has badly damaged the marine ecosystem off Menjangan Island in Buleleng regency, 100 kilometers northwest of Denpasar, Bali. (Apr 24, 09)

Seven missing after Similan dive boat sinks in storm
Hope was fading for the rescue of seven persons missing in the Andaman Sea Monday nearly one day after a tourist boat ferrying about 30 Thai and foreigners from the Similan Islands to Phuket capsized and sank during a heavy storm during the night. (Mar 10, 09)

Sipadan nominated for 7 wonders of nature
Pulau Sipadan, touted as one of the world's diving havens, is vying to be on the Internet list of seven wonders of nature in the world. (Feb 17, 09)

Philippines eyes to become "dive capital" of Asia
Local officials were urged on Saturday to help in the efforts by the national government to make the Philippines into a "dive capital" of the Asian region. (Feb 5, 09)

ADEX comes to Singapore, 3-5 April 2009
Asia Dive Expo (ADEX), Asia's largest and longest running dive exhibition, will be held from 3-5 April 2009 at Suntec Singapore. (Jan 6, 09)

Sipadan to be run by Sabah
Winds of change are blowing over Pulau Sipadan with the imminent handover of the island to the state government. The National Security Council in the Prime Minister's Department is now in the final process of handing over the administration of the world-famous diving spot. (Jan 6, 09)

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