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Philippines :: Coron Bay : Irako Wreck

This vessel was a refrigeration ship, about 147m long and displacing 9,570 tons. It is the most southerly of the wrecks normally visited by divers and is located at the mouth of Coron Bay. It's an impressive challenge and as visibility is probably the best of any wreck in the area, it is the most popular with trained divers.

Generally, the wreck is fairly intact and it's possible to enter it towards the back where the wheelhouse is. The steering wheel is still visible. From there you can swim through to the cargo holds.

Probably the best part to explore is the underneath of the superstructure. It is possible to go down into a cargo hold at 36m and swim throught to the galley. There are still pots, pans and wiring to be seen. From here, you swim out through a stairway amidships.

It's also possible to reach the galley through a rent next to the rudder at 40m. There is a lot of silt here and visibility can get bad if you fin too hard. Entering from this direction, there is no immediate way out. You have to go back the way you came or continue on for some distance.

Marine life is varied and you can expect to see big groupers, schools of tuna and yellow fin, lionfish and scorpionfish. If you're lucky, you may come across a turtle.

It should be noted that this is a deep wreck dive and should only be undertaken by experienced, trained and properly equipped divers.


Depth: deck 28-35m. Bottom 43m.

Viz: 10-35m

Currents: weak

Getting there : 15 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.