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Philippines :: Apo Reef : Apo Island

This island has a good assortment of dive sites. Hard and soft corals are superb all around and you'll see enormous table corals, stag horns, brain corals and fire corals.

The northern, eastern and southern sides of the island have huge drop-offs and spectacular walls. As currents can get strong, a variety of large pelagic species are attracted all around the island. The currents are particularly strong on the northern side and this is not a good area for beginners. However for the more experienced, you'll encounter large pelagics, including tuna, jacks, humphead wrasses, mantas and hammerheads.

Shark Ridge
On the eastern side you will find shark ridge - needless to say, so named after the many whitetip and blacktip sharks you're sure to see. Mantas are common as well. Corals are not so good here, but this is more than made up for by the size of the animals you will encounter.

Binangaan Drop-off
Another good wall to explore is Binangaan drop-off to the southwest. There are impressive gorgonians and plenty of soft and hard corals. Marine life is vibrant and you'll see schools of humphead parrotfish, tuna, groupers, snappers and other large pelagics.

On the western side, you'll find plenty of sites to dive, again particularly walls and drop-offs. Mantas are common and the gorgonians are spectacular. There are masses of tuna, turtles, groupers, snappers, wrasses, triggerfish and parrotfish. Mantas are not uncommon.

It's difficult to name all the sites around the island. There's something for everyone within a very small area. In addition to what has been described above, most dives will offer the sight of lobsters and other crustaceans moving around the bottom while sharks, remoras and barracuda swim by. Despite the currents, snorkeling can be good all over the island. This is a world-class site.


Depth: 5-50m

Viz: 15-50m

Currents: can be strong

Getting there : 1 hour by boat from Pandan Island. Live-aboards 1-5 days.

Best months: Mar-June



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