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Philippines :: Tubbataha Reef : Jessie Beazley Reef

Situated about 20km north-west of North Tubbataha, this small reef is only half a kilometer in diameter yet offers some stunning diving. It is not protected as a Marine Park, so fishing is still allowed. Normally, dive operators will only stop here if the weather is calm and the whole area can be explored in two dives.

The reef slopes to between 7-12m, finishing at a wall that drops off to over 50m. The shallows are covered with Porites and Acropora corals that support a huge and diverse population of reef fish. Whitetip and blacktip reef sharks are common as are tuna, groupers, barracuda and mackerel. Hammerhead, mako and thresher sharks also occasionally venture into these waters.

On the southern tip of the reef you can expect to encounter manta and eagle rays, with other pelagics making regular appearances.

All-in-all, the reef offers outstanding diving and is ideal for photography.


Depth: 7-50m+

Viz: up to 40m

Currents: moderate to strong

Getting there : liveaboard, 9 hrs from Puerto Princesa

Best months: Mar-June


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