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Philippines :: Coron Bay : Lusong Gunboat

This was either a gunboat or a submarine hunter. Lying in 11m of water on the east side of Lusong Island, the stern actually breaks the surface at low tide. As a result, it is a great site for snorkeling and photography and there is a good variety of hard corals and marine life.

Skeleton Wreck
All that remains of this 25m steel-hulled boat are the keel, ribs and stringers. She came aground only some dozen meters from the Northwest corner of Coron Island.

As the wreck only lies in 5-22m of water, it is a great shallow dive and suitable for snorkeling. You can gain access from the starboard side and swim though the boat out over the reef.


Depth: 7-22m

Viz: 5-15m

Currents: weak

Getting there : 5 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.