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Philippines :: La Union : Research Reef

This is the most popular and visited site in the area. Situated a short boat ride away from shore, the reef runs north to south and fingers of rock and coral reach up to 20m.

The Caves
These are found on the western side of the reef and are really penetrable tunnels, rather than caves. The exact number is not known, but certainly ten are worth investigation. You can expect to see lobsters, lionfish, parrotfish and an amazing array of smaller reef fish.

To the southern end of the reef lies the wreck of a Japanese merchant ship sunk during WW2. It has come to rest at 30m and is home to shoals of barracuda and other fish life.

Tamayo Reef
Situated close to The Caves, this reef has been badly damaged by dynamiting. However, at the northern end, good diving can still be found. Fan and gorgonian corals are a delight. Depths are an avarage of 20m.


Depth: 3-25m

Viz: 15m+

Currents: weak

Getting there : 5 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.



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