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Philippines :: Apo Reef : Pandan Island

One way to visit Apo Reef and its surrounds is from Pandan Island which is situated just off the west coast of Mindoro Island and is a private resort. The reef is some ninety minutes away and it's worth mentioning that travel to Coron for the wreck diving can be arranged as well.

There are some seven sites that are worth exploring and they suit all levels of ability. Ranging from House Reef which is ideal for beginners at depths of 2-20m, the choice available descends to the depths of Barracuda Deep between 30-45m.

The variety offers divers of all abilities the opportunity to experience a wide variety of marine fauna and life, from colourful corals to small reef fish and larger pelagics.


Depth: 2-45m

Viz: 5-15m

Currents: weak

Getting there : 5 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.

Pandan Island


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