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Philippines :: Puerto Galera : Monkey Wreck

In 1993, a local, 20m pig boat sank and is now resting at between 40 and 45m. This is a deep dive and the combination of this with strong currents makes it one for the experienced diver only.

Despite the fact that it is mostly collapsed, many types of fish make it their home. Large Emperor angelfish, schools of blue triggerfish and baramundi cod can be encountered here. There is plenty of soft coral which is home to Batfish, Snapper, Sweetlips and Rays. There are a series of steep walls starting at the back of Monkey Wreck.

Monkey Beach
A short distance up towards the shore are the magnificent corals of Monkey Beach. This slope descends to 22m and is a leisurely dive. It is covered with coral heads that house Crinoids, Nudibranches, some turtles and plenty of colourful reef fish. You may also come across giant clams which were originally transported from Northern Luzon in an attempt to reintroduce them in the Philippines.


Depth: 10-40m

Viz: 10-30m

Currents: moderate to very strong

Getting there : 5 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.

Monkey Wreck


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