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Philippines :: La Union

Situated a 5 hour drive north of Manila, this was one of the first beach resorts to be developed in the Philippines. The US Air force had a presence here until 1992 at Wallace Air Station.

There are many dive sites worthy of mention and as in so many parts of the Philippines, there's something for everyone. La Union is a particularly good place to learn scuba diving as there are a number of shallow dives and the waters are protected, so currents are minimal.

Unfortunately, dynamiting and other illegal fishing methods have taken their toll, but there's still enough here to warrant a few days of exploration.


La Union at a glance

Accommodation : All types, plenty of tourist facilities

Currents : weak

Average cost of a dive : $25

Dive Sites : 8+

Dive Operators : 5+

Getting there : 5 hours by bus north of Manila

Off Season : July to Sept

La Union

The map below is interactive so click on the dive site to get more details.


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