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Philippines :: Anilao : Nasugbu

Situated a couple of hour's drive south of Manila and slightly north of Anilao is the peaceful town of Nasugbu. Facing the South China Sea, the area has plenty of good diving and bearing in mind its proximity to the capital, is very quiet.

Fortune Island
This privately owned resort a few kms out to sea is the most famous in the area. There are three dives worthy of mention.

Blue Holes has a fantastic array of marine life. Made up of three sink holes which taper to an open cavern, you can expect to find large groupers, sweetlips, parrotfish, angelfish and damselfish in abundance. And that's just the start. The array of corals is exceptional, with gorgonians, barrel sponges and anemones everywhere. You may also be lucky enough to see Hawksbill turtles and several species of pelagic fish.

Years ago, an old freighter went down off the island and it lies in 20m of water. The box sections still remain and they are a photographer's dream. Be careful of the large scorpionfish and lionfish that live here.

Bat Cave is worth a visit to experience a cuttlefish breeding ground. There are actually bats that hang around in this semi-submerged cavern!

Sumo Bank
Situated about an hour by boat from Nasagbu, this dive is certainly worth making. Coral, both soft and hard, is abundant and various species of shark frequent the area. The dive is for the experienced only.

Pink Wall
Diving here is good, although visability can vary. This drop-off, starting at 8m, is festooned with pink corals. The area is teeming with small tropical fish and the occasional turtle.

Fuego Point
This site marks the spot where a galleon sank. Although it is not the best in the area, you will find many small tropical fish. Tuna and shark also patrol the area.

The above is just a snapshot of what Nasugbu has to offer. You will be able to discover many other interesting dives by enquiring locally. The area is definitely worth visiting to get away from the more busy parts in the south of Luzon.


Depth: 5-20m

Viz: up to 30m

Currents: gentle

Getting there : Boat 10 mins - 1 hour

Best months: Nov / May


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