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Philippines :: Coron Bay : Olympia Maru

This vessel was a Japanese army cargo ship. She is 120m long and lies on her starboard side in 25m of water. The wreck is situated just south of Busuanga and west of Tangat Island.

The wreck is intact and penetration is easy at the cargo holds. Swim throughs to the bridge are not too demanding. A hole in the side can bring you out again. The ease of access makes this an ideal site to discover wreck diving.

The superstructure is covered with soft corals and bushes of black corals. There is a good variety of fish life with shoals of bananafish, giant batfish and giant pufferfish. Be careful of the scorpionfish - they're everywhere.


Depth: max 30m. Deck 18-24m

Viz: 5-15m

Currents: weak

Getting there : 45 min by boat

Best months: Nov-May.

Olympia Maru