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Philippines :: Davao : Talikud Island

This small island, off the south-west coast of Samal has a number of sites worth seeking out. To the north is Mansud Wall which drops off to 45m and has a good variety of coral that support numerous schools of smaller tropical fish. Closeby, are Talisay Wall and Dapia Reef. The opportunity to see larger marine life is better here and there are regular sightings of barracuda, tuna and jacks.

On the east coast is Isla Reta. This sandy slope to 30m is inhabited by fusiliers, sea horse, morays and sea urchins, among others.

On the west coast, you'll find Coral Garden. This sandy bottom slopes to 38m where you will find a good variety of soft and hard corals and plenty of fish including garden eels, wrasse and parrotfish.


Depth: 5-38m

Viz: 15m+

Currents: moderate

Getting there : 1hr by boat

Best months: Nov-May.



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