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Philippines :: Anilao : Maricaban Island

As mentioned in the introduction to Anilao, most of the dive sites in this region are actually found off Maricaban and Sombrero Islands, both a short boat trip away from Anilao. The major sites have been described seperately. There are a multitude of others and some that deserve a special mention in this section are Devil's Point, Kirby's Rock, Daryl Laut, Bethlehem and Caban Cove.

All the above sites offer a variety of challenges, including sandy slopes, drop-offs, caves and overhangs. Depending on visibility and currents, the opportunities for macro-photography are excellent.

You will not be disappointed with the diverse range of diving on offer in this region. There is something for everyone - from the experienced diver to the novice.


Depth: 6-37m

Viz: up to 40m

Currents: mild to strong

Getting there : 15-30 mins by boat

Best months: Nov / May

Hin Muang


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