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Micronesia : Yap

This island, or more particularly group of four continental islands, is situated in the western part of Micronesia and is part of the Caroline Island chain in the western Pacific Ocean. The four islands are all very close together and connected by a coral reef.

It is probably the most "traditional" island in Micronesia, with the local population still wearing the costumes they have dressed in for thousands of years. "Stone money" is still used.

The diving here is superb. Yap is best known for its resident population of manta rays which live here year round - more of this to follow in the relevant sectons. But there's plenty more to explore and discover than just the mantas. Coral abounds and supports a wide variety of marine life and there are spectacular drop-offs that attract larger pelagics.

The best time for diving is between December and April when the mantas are found on the western side of the island at M'il Channel. During the summer months they migrate to the eastern shores.


Yap at a glance

Accommodation : various and live-aboard

Currents : moderate to strong

Average cost of a dive :

Dive Sites : 15+

Dive Operators : 10+

Getting there : international flights to Guam and Manila with conecting flights from there

Off Season : May - Nov

yap dive sites

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