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Micronesia :: Yap : Gilman Wall

This site is located at the south end of Yap's reef and is well-known for its impressive coral growth that attracts large numbers of fish including whitetip sharks, groupers, parrotfish and moray eels. Currents are strong and this is generally a drift dive.

Closeby, you'll find Eagle's Nest, so-called because of the large numbers of eagle rays that come to feed here. They can generally be spotted in around 15m of water.

Around the southern spur, to the east is End of the Land. This vertical wall descends to 20m and is covered with soft corals. Sharks and stingrays can be seen here. To the north is Aliko Reef, a small wall that drops to 15m. Huge boulder star coral formations abound here and the site supports plenty of smaller reef fish and larger pelagics.

Around the other side of the spur, to the west, you'll find Magic Kingdom. Up until a typhoon hit this site 14 years ago, it was regarded as one of the best dives on Yap. A good part of the coral life was destroyed during the storm, but the good signs are that it's starting to recover. Marine life is teeming with small reef fish and huge schools of barracuda and jacks looking for a meal.

To the north is Cabbage Patch, a vertical wall that drops to 30m. This is a gentle drift dive and the coral formations here are breathtaking. Fish life is abundant, yet again.


Depth: 10 - 40m

Viz: 10 - 20m

Currents: Can be strong

Getting there : Boat 1 hour

Best months: Dec - April



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