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Micronesia :: Guam : The Crevice

This is another of the most popular sites on Guam and is found just south of Blue Hole. As its name implies, it is a large fold in the cliff that runs along this part of the island's coastline. The crevice is triangular in shape and starts at a depth of 23m. It is some 20m across, 50m long and the bottom is at 45m.

Coral formations are impressive, particularly the sea fans and whips and there is bountiful tropical fish life as it's another site where they are fed by hand. Visibility is excellent and there's every chance that you may entounter dolphins, barracuda, tuna and sharks. It is also a photographer's dream.

Only advanced divers should enter the crevice, but as with Blue Hole there will be plenty for the novice to enjoy here as well.


Depth: 10 - 45m

Viz: up to 60m

Currents: Moderate

Getting there : Boat 15 mins

Best months: Dec - April



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