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Micronesia :: Guam : 11 Mile Reef

As you would expect, this reef is located approximately 11 miles off southern Guam. It rises from a depth of 40m to 25m. Currents are always strong here, so use of a reef hook is advisable as you can then make the most of your time marvelling at the fish life that is plentiful. Without the hook, you'll be swept over the reef in a matter of minutes however as always extreme care must be taken not to damage the coral.

As visibility is excellent, a trip here is well worth the effort to admire the reef sharks, barracuda, rays and turtles. The coral is in superb condition as well. This dive is for the experienced only.


Depth: 25 - 40m

Viz: 50m+

Currents: can be very strong

Getting there : Boat 2 hours

Best months: Dec - April


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