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Micronesia :: Guam : American Tanker

This wreck is actually of a 100m long concrete barge that was sunk by the Americans at the end of WW2 in Apra Harbour to help build a breakwater. During the war, a number of these barges were loaded with suppies and towed from Honolulu to Guam.

In fact the whole of the northern peninsula at the harbour was built after the war and there are a number of other wrecks in the vicinity to explore, although they are best known for the fish life that live in and around them, rather than for wreck diving per se. This is an easy dive and it can be combined with seeing the Tokai Maru/Cormoran in the one visit.


Depth: 5 - 25m

Viz: 10 - 20m

Currents: Weak

Getting there : Boat 10 mins

Best months: Dec - April

american tanker


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