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Micronesia :: Palau : Siaes Tunnel

Yet another extraordinary dive on Palau, this site is situated close to Ulong Channel on the west coast. Due to its depth, it is considered an advanced dive and time inside is therefore limited - maybe 12 minutes.

The opening to the tunnel starts on a sheer wall at 23m and stretches inside for 50m, with a height of 6m and a width of 16m. The inside is a huge cavern ranging in depth from 30-40m. Whitetip sharks can often been seen resting at the bottom.

Once inside the cavern, there is a smaller exit hole to the left and a window to the open ocean can be seen as you swim through. Opportunities for photography are good with the inside walls covered in a good variety of soft and hard corals.

Upon exiting, the fish life is diverse and you can expect to see stingrays, jacks, turtles and countless reef fish.


Depth: 23 - 40m

Viz: 25m+

Currents: Moderate

Getting there : Boat 1 hour from Koror

Best months: Dec - June

siaes tunnel


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