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Micronesia :: Guam : Shark's Pit

This site is found just south of Blue Hole, off Orote Point. A major feature here is that it was used as a "rubbish tip" by the Americans during WW2 when they literally drove tanks, trucks and trailers right off the cliff and into the sea. Some of these are still visible above the site and are now covered in coral and worth taking a look at.

The reef starts at 20m and slopes down to 35m and then away into the depths. You can't miss the start of this site as it's marked by a huge boulder that sits in 6-20m of water. The fish life at this point is plentiful.

Closeby is Barracuda Rock, although the barracuda are long gone. Nevertheless, it's an interesting dive and particularly suitable for novices. There is still a good selection of fish life and corals are in good condition. A large rock rests in the middle of the site and this has some swim-throughs and numerous crevices in which you can find all sorts of marine life. Depths here range from 10-35m.


Depth: 20 - 35m

Viz: 20 - 30m

Currents: Moderate

Getting there : Boat 15 mins

Best months: Dec - April



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