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Micronesia :: Palau : Buoy 6

Other than the fact that this ship was a submarine chaser, not a lot is known, least of all her name - hence the title above. It was actually an old fishing boat that was converted to perform the above task, as were many others during WW2.

It is 100 ft long and rests upright in Malakal Channel, east of Koror, in 27m of water. Over the years, coral formations have grown all over the hull and they support a good variety of marine life. Despite having been salvaged after the war, you will still find a good part of the superstructure intact and a gun mounting is visible on the bow, but the gun is missing.

Care should be taken with this dive as currents can be extremely strong and the best overall time for visiting is at slack tide. It is also important not to surface in the middle of the channel as it does get very busy. Always keep to the slope on your ascent.


Depth: 27m

Viz: 10m+ at slack tide

Currents: Can be very strong

Getting there : Boat 5 mins from Koror

Best months: Dec - June



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