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Thailand :: Similans : Hideaway Bay

Also known as Honeymoon Bay this site offers some isolated boulders at depth where whitetip reef sharks may be spotted. Not much coral growth down here only the occasional blue spotted ray burrowing into the sand. Slowly ascending as the topography changes and more hard coral is abundant the fish life will increase where anthias, fusiliers, emperors and butterflyfish are present.

Anita's Reef
This dive site is close by, it offers coral gardens and a large rocky outcrop called "Hin Muan Daew" that is carpeted with corals and plenty of macro life.


Depth: 10 - 30m

Viz: 15 - 30m

Currents: Occasional

Getting there : Liveaboard

Best months: Oct / May

Blue spotted ray

This map is taken from Pocket divesite's guide book: Similans including Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock more. Info at