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Thailand :: Koh Lipe : Koh Sawang

Koh Sawang is the most westerly point of the marine park. This rocky outcrop island has starting depths of 4 to 5m and slopes down slowly to around 28 to 30m. Hard coral gardens mixed with varieties of anemone, molluscs and big colourful feather stars surround the island. As it gets deeper large granite boulders form peaks to create pinnacles that are coverd densly with large white soft tree corals. Depths here reach 30m, large yellow margin trigger fish patrol the sandy slopes that head west to depths of over 70m.

Not unusual to see some large palegics, schools of devil rays, large barracuda, huge jellyfish and evan to odd manta and whale shark. A large variety of reef fish can be seen amongst the coral gardens. Stone, scorpion and lion fish can be observed waiting to pounce! Large moray eels and puffers are also common. Strong current somtimes felt but can be utilised for an exiting drift dive. Visibility is usually superb upto 30m is common and can be dived differently over several dive plans, each bringing its own surprises.

[Thanks to Ocean Pro Divers for providing this Koh Lipe dive site description and dive site map]


Depth: 5 - 30m

Viz: 15 - 35m

Currents: Can be strong

Getting there : 45 mins boat from Koh Lipe

Best months: Nov / Apr