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Thailand :: Koh Lipe : 8 Mile Rock

One of the last world class pinnacles left in the Anaman sea. 8 mile rock is a submerged pinnacle roughly 8 miles due south of Koh Lipe. Noted for the large palegics that cruise past, devil, manta and eagle rays are common, along with leopard shark, giant barracuda and groupers. Sighting for whale sharks have actually been up over the whole of the lipe group of islands, with most sightings coming at 8 mile rock.

The rock itself starts at roughly 15m and at its deepest is over 50m. Densly coverd in purple, blue and red soft tree coral, all common reef species can be found here in great abundance and size. Visibility can be upto 45m verticaly and over 30m horizontally. Caution must be applied when diving 8 mile rock due to very strong currents that can lead to thee dive being canceled. The site can be dived comfortably dependent on current patterns so consult the local dive opperaters fot the best information. Also getting to the site can be uncomfortable in a local longtail boats. One or two companies are now using boats designed for scuba diving making the 1 hour journey quite enjoyable.

[Thanks to Ocean Pro Divers for providing this Koh Lipe dive site description]


Depth: 15 - 50m

Viz: 30 - 40m

Currents: Can be strong

Getting there : Boat from Koh Lipe

Best months: Nov / Apr



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