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Thailand :: Koh Lipe : Yong Hua

The MV sank around ten years ago after an onboard fire. It rests, intact on its starboard side on a sandy bottom at 42m. Descent is made along the reference line and touch down on the wreck is at 28m. The wreck comes into veiw at around 20m and can be explored in a variety of ways. At 50m in length the wreck has become home to a host of reef life.

Schools of lionfish, fusiliers, snapper and trevally. Alongside is a healthy new reef starting to grow. Small barrel sponges and baby gorgonian fans are all present. Also called the Factory shipwreck, it offers a good dive to experienced divers. No penatration on the wreck is permitted and dives are kept within no-deco limits. Tech diver enquirys are welcome. Current and visibility play an impotant factor in ensuring a safe and comfortable dive, consult dive operators for more information.

On the ascent along he reference line to the safety stop a large resident giant grouper (2m!) has been known to come out of the wreck and "watch" as divers leave. Whilst making safety stop a large school of chevron barracuda have been known to form an encircling tunnel around divers, makng the end of the dive quite interesting! The vis can be from 5m upto 15m on a good day.

[Thanks to Ocean Pro Divers for providing this Koh Lipe dive site description]


Depth: 28 - 42m

Viz: 5 - 15m

Currents: Occasional

Getting there : 15 mins boat from Koh Lipe

Best months: Nov / Apr


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