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Thailand :: Koh Lanta : Hin Muang

Around 500 meters away from Hin Daeng is the five star dive site of Hin Muang. A series of five or more submerged pinnacles heading in a south westerly direction and dropping down to over 60 meters deep. It is one of the deepest drop offs in Thailand. Like its sister it derives its name from the colourful purple soft coral covering its walls and like its sister it also attracts some big pelagics.

An explosion of marine life greets you here, from tiny shoals of anthias, to sweeping schools of yellow snappers and fusiliers, to huge hunting barracuda, you'll see them all at Hin Muang. The top portions of the reef are carpeted in anemones without an inch to spare. Mantas often frequent the area and may even spend some time with divers if you stay still and let them approach.


Depth: 10 - 60m

Viz: 10 - 35m

Currents: Can be strong

Getting there : Boat 2 hours

Best months: Dec / March

Hin Muang

Dive map courtesy: Koh Lanta Dive Center