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Thailand :: Koh Phi Phi

The tiny island of Koh Phi Phi has been a backpacker destination for years, not surprising then that it is also a great diving destination. Being centrally located it serves as a great base to explore local dive sites and those further afield at Phuket, Krabi and Lanta. With crystal clear waters, fringing reefs, local islands and a laid back beach atmosphere Koh Phi Phi truly is a paradise. We are unsure about the current infrastructure on the island since the December 26th tsunami hit. Local authorities are doing all they can to rebuild the island to its former beauty.


Koh Phi Phi at a glance

Accommodation : Koh Phi Phi Hotels

Highlights : Crystal clear waters and good accessibility to dive sites

Average cost of a dive : $23

Dive Sites : 15+

Dive Operators : 10+

Getting there : Boat 2 hours

Off Season : Aug / Oct

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The map below is interactive so click on the dive site to get more details.


Koh Phi Phi Hotels
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