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Thailand :: Koh Lanta

Although Koh Lanta is still in Krabi province it is far enough away to have its own section. Some of the best dive sites in Thailand can be reached from Lanta. With something for everyone from the outer rocks and islands for the experienced diver to calm gentle fringing reefs for the avid snorkeller. The island also offers pristine white sand beaches, lush tropical rainforrests and cascading waterfalls.


Koh Lanta at a glance

Accommodation : Koh Lanta Hotels

Highlights : World class dive sites, relaxed beach resort island

Average cost of a dive : $33

Dive Sites : 15+

Dive Operators : 10+

Getting there : Road from Phuket Airport 4 hours.

Off Season : June / Oct

lanta diving

The map below is interactive so click on the dive site to get more details.

Koh Lanta Dive Sites


Koh Lanta Hotels
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Koh Phi Phi Koh Hah Koh Kraden Koh Rok Hin Muang Hin Daeng