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Thailand :: Chumphon

Chumphon province is one of the lesser known diving spots of Thailand. With around 50 islands to choose from there is no limit to what you may find under the surface. With an abundance of marine life, caves and swimthroughs on offer the area can also boast relatively unspoilt diving as it has not been hit by the mass tourism and development that you'll find in Pattaya and Phuket. Although you won't get as good visibility as you can on the Andaman side, if dived at the right time of year, Chumphon can be extremely rewarding both to the novice and experienced diver.

More info on Chumphon can be found here: Chumphon


Chumphon at a glance

Geography : Many coastal islands.

Accommodation : Chumphon Hotels

Highlights : Relatively unspoilt diving, serenity.

Average cost of a dive : $26

Dive Sites : 6+

Dive Operators : 2

Getting there : Road from Bangkok 5 hours.

Off Season : Jun / Sept

chumphon diving

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chumphon dive sites


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