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Indonesia :: Sulawesi

The dive destinations of Bunaken and Lembeh near Manado in the north are by far the most popular of Sulawesi's dive spots. However the are countless other islands, reefs, atolls and diving opportunities around Sulawesi. With over 6,000 kilometers of coastline fringed with pristine, clear tropical waters and a rich diversity of marine life Sulawesi is one of the best diving destinations on the planet. Dramatic topography consists of abyssal trenches and sheer drop-offs near the coast. Nutrient rich oceanic currents well up from the deep attracting a huge variety of marine life. Many spots around the sprawling island are pristine, frontier dive destinations just waiting to be explored.


Sulawesi at a glance

Accommodation : Resort, liveaboard

Highlights : Biodiversity, deep wall diving, pelagics, critters.

Average cost of a dive : $30

Dive Sites : 50+

Dive Operators : 20+

Getting there : International flights.

Off Season : None

The map below is interactive so click on the dive site to get more details.

sulawesi dive sites


siau sangihe bangka bunaken manado lembeh strait togian banggai wakatobi selayar takabonerate