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Indonesia :: Flores : Maumere

Maumere lies on the northern coastline of Flores. Up until 1992 Maumere was considered one of top dive sites in Indonesia. However in December 1992 an earthquake caused a tsunami to hit the coast, killing at least 2,500 people and destroying a large part of the reef system. Today coral reefs are regrowing at a healthy rate, space was cleared by the natural phenomena, which has allowed new corals to flourish and bring an even greater diversity to the sites.

House Reefs
The house reefs of Maumere are critter playgrounds with mimic octopus, frogfish and leaf fish among the stars of the show. Local dive operators will know the best spots for finding these little beasties.

Wai Terang
To the east of Maumere and just off the coast of Flores there is a WWII Japanese freighter lying on its side from 25 to 12 meters deep. Coral growth on the wreck has improved over the years and it now plays home to many fish and other marine creatures. The grey silt bottom is very fine so care should be taken not to kick it up and ruin the viz.

Pangah Batang
A sloping wall drops to around 30 meters here and there can be currents. Leather and soft corals are found in impressive quantities and colours alongside some large gorgonians. Sharks and eagle rays have also been spotted hanging in the current. The shallower parts of the reef are home to all manner of other critters such as mantis shrimp, pygmy seahorses and leaf fish.


Depths: 5 - 35m

Viz: 5 - 25m

Currents: Occasional

Getting there : Liveaboard

Best months: Apr to Dec


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