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Indonesia :: Lombok : Gili Air

This is the first of the three Gili Islands off the northwest coast of Lombok. It has the largest population and feels more "lived on" than the other two islands. There is a small turtle hatchery here where conservation efforts are in place to protect the local Hawksbill and Green population. There are plenty of good snorkelling spots around the island and a number of good dive sites.

Japanese Wreck
The remains of a 20 meter World War II Japanese patrol vessel can be found in 45 meters of water to the south of Gili Air. It is home to a large number of lionfish and scorpionfish and often attracts schooling barracuda and jacks. Due to the depths involved decompression or enriched air diving is recommended on this site.

Hans Reef
To the northeast of Gili Air is this reef of bommies and rocky outcrops. This is a great site for macro life and juvenile fish, keep a lookout for frogfish, pipefish and octopus.

Air Wall
This dive offers a drop off to around 32 meters, some good coral formations can be found here with plenty of overhangs and arches filled with glassfish. There are concrete blocks that serve as a cleaning station at 22 meters and a sandy patch that can also be explored.


Depths: 10 - 45m

Viz: 5 - 30m

Currents: Occasional

Getting there : Boat 15 minutes.

Best months: Apr to Oct