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Indonesia :: Java : Pulau Seribu

Pulau Seribu means Thousand Islands ( Kepulauan Seribu in Indonesian ) and as the name suggests, the Thousand Island group comprises numerous tiny islands scattered across the Java Sea to the North of Jakarta. Reefs surround many of the islands and good coral growth and a variety of fish life including turtles, morays, large cuttlefish and stingrays can be found. There are well preserved wrecks accessible from several of the resorts, most of which offer day trips. The islands are accessible ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours by speedboat off Marina Jaya Ancol or Tanjung Kait.

Unfortunately the islands are in danger. Pulau Seribu has the misfortune to lie immediately offshore from a conurbation of 20 million people and the combined effects of land-based pollution and sedimentation are wreaking havoc in the fragile reef ecosystem of Jakarta Bay. Steps are now being taken to prevent further damage and clean up this precious ecosystem.


Depths: 5 - 25m

Viz: 5 - 25m

Currents: Variable

Getting there : Speedboat from mainland.

Best months: Apr to Oct


Satellite image of Pulau Seribu : altitude 35km